1. Will my health insurance cover my post-mastectomy products?

Yes, most health insurance covers post-mastectomy products, to include: breast prosthesis, breast forms, mastectomy bras and camisoles.  Some insurance covers wigs also.


2. Will my health insurance still cover post-mastectomy products if I had breast reconstruction, lumpectomy or a partial mastectomy?

Yes, your health insurance will cover bras, breast prosthesis, breast forms and camisoles even if you had a breast reconstruction, a lumpectomy or a partial mastectomy.  If you find your breast reconstruction as unfavorable, or your lumpectomy has left you un-symmetrical, your health insurance will cover a breast prosthesis overlay for a more symmetrical look.  


3. What is breast prosthesis?

Breast prosthesis is a silicone filled breast shaped form that is worn in the pocket of a mastectomy bra.  Breast prosthetics come in many shapes and sizes.


4. What is a breast form?

A breast form is a breast shaped fiber-filled form made from a material other than silicone.  It can be made from fabric, foam, or a fiber-fill type of material.


5. Should I purchase a post-surgical garment for use immediately after my surgery?

It is beneficial to have a post-surgical garment immediately when you go home from the hospital. A post-surgical garment can make your after-care process a more comfortable experience.  The garment includes drain pouches, so you don't have to pin the drain bulbs to your clothing.  The drain pouches are removable.  A comfortable non-weighted breast puff is also included and can be inserted in the breast pocket to give a more symmetrical look.  It also helps you feel like your still wearing a bra.


6. When should I be fit for my breast prosthesis?

Usually, we recommend 6-8 weeks after surgery.  However, it may be longer with some women.  A doctor's prescription is necessary.  Don't worry, if you come into our store without a doctor's prescription, we can always contact your doctor for you.  We're here to help.


7. How soon can I wear a breast form?

Since a breast form is lightweight and soft, you can wear one about one week after surgery. 


8. How soon can I wear a post-surgical mastectomy bra?

We recommend being fit for your post-surgical bra before your surgery so you can wear it when you return home. However you can come in for a post-surgical garments in the first few week after surgery and before your fitting for your regular post-mastectomy bras and prosthesis.


9. How often does my insurance cover post-mastectomy products?

The best thing to do is call us to verify your benefits, because each health insurance coverage varies.


11. Do I have to make an appointment to visit Still Me?

No, you don't have to have an appointment; however, we do recommend an appointment, since we always take our appointments before our walk-ins.  


10. Do I have to pay when I purchase my post-mastectomy products?

All customers have their insurance verified prior to your visit or at the time of the visit so that you don't run into any surprise extra expenses.  Your patient's responsibility depends on whether you have any co-pays or deductibles that haven't been met.  We are an IN-NETWORK provider with most insurance carriers.


12. Should I wear a prosthesis?

We highly recommend wearing breast prosthesis if you had a unilateral mastectomy (one breast removed).  Not only does the prosthesis give you a symmetrical look, but it also keeps you balanced.  Bilateral mastectomy (both breast removed) customers don't necessarily have to, but we do recommend wearing lightweight breast prosthetics.


13. How long does a fitting take?

Usually 30-45 minutes, depending on how many bras you'd like to try on.  At Still Me, we take our time with each customer and do our best to help you achieve a perfect fit.


14. Is Still Me only for breast cancer survivors?

No, we offer full supported bras that go up to 56L.  Yes, that's right, 56L.  Eight out of ten women are wearing the wrong size bra for a number of different reasons.  When you come in for bra fitting, you not only leave with a proper flitting bra, but we will show you what to look for when purchasing bras on your own.  We're always here to help.


15. What if I don't have health insurance and I am financially unable to purchase post-mastectomy products?

If you are uninsured or under-insured, we are networked with other resources that may help pay for your post-mastectomy products to include: breast prosthesis, mastectomy bras, and even wigs.  Give us a call for more information?