Still Me Boutique's Mission


It is our Mission to provide the best service possible for our patients. As a company, our main focus is our patients.

Their well-being and satisfaction is our main concern. We pride ourselves in not only providing a pleasant fitting experience, but we also tailor each experience to their individual special needs.

Proper fitting prostheses and bras are important not only for physical needs, but for emotional reasons as well. As trained fitters, we recognize that each women's needs should be individually assessed, making sure that we are providing as much support to her as she needs.

Wearing a properly fit bra and prosthesis will not only restore balance and symmetry to the body, but they will also provide a boost in self-confidence.

Recovery is always a long road for any type of surgery. We pledge to always be there to give support to our friends in need and make it our business to help patients determine and achieve their desired post-mastectomy goals