Pneumatic Compression Device

Pneumatic compression pumps are designed to assist in the moving of venous and lymphatic fluid when the vessels are impaired. Peristaltic pneumatic compression will propel the fluid through the body mechanically allowing it to be excreted normally.

Pneumatic compression devices force air in sleeves with multiple chambers which house overlapping cells. The pump forces air in to the cells which encourage lymph fluid to continue moving and not pool. Lymphedema Pumps are not just a reactive treatment but in many cases they aid in softening fibrotic tissues which will create an environment for higher efficiency lymphatic drainage.

Pneumatic compression treatment is used to treat a wide range of venous, lymphatic and arterial disorders.

Listed Below are some of the most popular Compression Pumps

PCD-51™ is a compact, user-friendly, sequential system with adjustable pressure and time designed for quality home treatment. Pressure is adjustable from 20 to 80 mmHg to accommodate a variety of clinical situations.

PCD-51™ features :

  • Fully variable range from 20 to 80 mmHg
  • Treats one or two limbs simultaneously
  • User friendly
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Multi-Voltage – convenient for travel
  • Choice of four or eight chamber garments with Lympha Press® overlapping chamber design
  • Single patient use garments and extra-wide sizes are available

Advanced compression, individualized therapy.

Lympha Press® PCD-52™ is a calibrated gradient compression pump designed for easy, effective self-care at home.

It provides maximum treatment choices, to address a spectrum of clinical situations and patient compliance needs including fibrosis, painful areas, and personal schedules, while its Lympha Press® Smart Technology™ automatically checks garment and limb size and adjusts treatment for exact pressure over the entire treated area.

PCD-52™ includes a usage meter and tamper-resistant lock mechanism to prevent unintended changes in programmed settings. It’s ideal for travel, and is multivoltage.

Therapists and patients can choose among a variety of effective compression options including:

  • Sequential: Efficient distal to proximal compressive massage; fills chambers one after the other, and then deflates.
  • Peristaltic : Wave™ peristaltic mode for comfortable and effective treatment in patients with distal discomfort. Only three cells inflated at any , moving in a waveform up the limb to the torso
  • Pretherapy™: Based on the principles of the manual lymph drainage, this exclusive cycle decongests the proximal areas as a preparation for the sequential or peristaltic cycles
  • Post – Therapy™ : Five minutes of additional therapy to a specific area after the main treatment is completed. Therapy concludes with a distal to proximal “sweep” based on manual lymph drainage techniques.


  • The PCD-52™ system is compatible with all our 4 and 8 chamber garments.
  • Set pressure in each chamber or in four groups of two chambers each
  • Choice of sequential cycle or peristaltic cycle
  • Add Pretherapy™ for proximal decongestions and Post-Therapy™ Focus for repeated massage over resistant areas
  • Adjustable pause and hold time, therapy lock and compliance meter

Lympha Press Optimal® Plus, model 912  – The most advanced and versatile 12 chamber dynamic compression system for lymphedema treatment on the market today.

The Lympha Press Optimal® Plus offers a broad range of unique, state of the art features for full customization to the patient’s specific needs. The system, which includes a Bluetooth module for communication with the Lympha Press® mobile application, offers medical practitioners, for the first time in the market, to easily program the console and to fully customize the treatment, using their mobile phone.
The Lympha Press Optimal® Plus includes a selection of treatment modes:

  • Lympha sequential: for effective reduction of edema and fibrosis
  • Wave peristaltic mode: for comfortable, effective treatment in patients with distal discomfort
  • Pretherapy™ : designed on the principles of manual lymph drainage
  • Post-therapy™ : an additional exclusive mode offers therapy to a specific area after the main treatment is completed

Lympha Press Optimal® Plus features:

  • Adjustable range 20 to 90 mmHg
  • Pressure level adjustment for individual chambers or in groups.
  • Option for skipping cells
  • Automatic adjustable pause between inflation/deflation cycles, for patients with mixed arterial/venous disease and other needs.
  • Adjustable hold at the end of the inflation cycle, for extra proximal compression time.
  • Option to create, export and share multiple treatment protocols.
  • Flexible programming options through the device console, PC software or an exclusive Lymph Press® mobile application with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Lympha Press® Smart Technology™
  • Compatible with comprehensive range of unique and innovative garments, featuring patented overlapping chamber design
  • Multi Voltage
Our Innovative and Unique Garments

Our innovative, unique and patent protected overlapping garments are world -famous for their state of the art design , high quality, optimal treatment and comfort. We are proud to be the pioneering leaders in offering groundbreaking garments .

Garments for use with the PCD-51and PCD-52™

Four Chamber Garments :

Lympha Press® , 4 Chamber Leg Sleeve

Lympha Press® , 4 Chamber Arm Sleeve

Eight Chamber Garments :

Lympha Press® , 8 Chamber Leg Sleeve


PCD Pants

Garments for use with Lympha Press Optimal ® Plus

Comfysleeve™ , 12 Chambers Leg Sleeve

FL  Leg Sleeve

Comfysleeve™ 1-75

Lympha Jacket ®

Lympha Pants ®

Lympha Pants® XL

Lympha Pod  ® ( Optimal® Plus Only)