We are dedicated to supporting the healthcare professionals who work to improve the quality of life of the patients who live with these disorders.

We work with lymphedema treatment programs throughout Louisiana. We understand that therapists and patients are having a difficult time locating local providers for all the products we provide. Patients and therapists have stressed many concerns including: lymphedema products that do not fit properly, misinformed about coverage issues, provided standard size products when custom-made products are necessary and most importantly, returns and alterations are not being handled in a timely manner.

We provide every product available for a therapist to utilize in their treatments and minimize each patient’s out of pocket expense for the products prescribed.

Simply sending over a patients face sheet starts the process. Our verification team checks for insurance coverage, and reports back to the therapist and/or patient the coverage and any patient payment responsibilities on garments, and/ or pumps. We understand the nuances of each and every patient and how critical it is to get every order correct.

In the unfortunate event of no coverage, Still Me provides patient pay discounts. Still Me is an accredited medicare provider and is held to the highest standards just like the clinics. This ensures patients and therapists are working with an organization committed to the highest level of care for every patient.

Are you looking for a wide variety of options? We carry products from over 18 different manufacturers and growing.

We take a whole patient-needs approach. It’s not just about a provider filling an order as a one-time deal or only handling pumps. It’s about the long term product needs for a chronic condition.

Your patients can work with one provider that can provide all the products the patient needs.You can work with one provider that understands your needs to get the patient’s products in a professional and timely manner. WHICH WILL SAVE YOU TIME from resending patient info and keeping track of numerous sources and who supplies what.

The PATIENT HEALTH OUTCOMES will be better met if their supplier is working with all their compression needs, following up and notifying the patient when garments need to be replaced.


  •    Process therapist inquiry/referral (to meet your practice needs)
  •    Verification of Benefits
  •    Obtain Prescriptions from Referring Physicians
  •    Obtain Insurance Authorizations
  •    Order Medical Products
  •    Handle All Returns, Alterations, & Replacements
  •    File Claims to the Insurance
  •    Follow-up with patient
  •    Notify patient when garments need to be replaced
  •    Keep therapist informed of progress
  •    Inform therapist as new products come into the market