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What are the benefits of a Compression Pump?

Compression Therapy benefit using a Compression Pump include:

A compression pump increases fluid movement and blood circulation, enhancing waste elimination and nourishing cells. These devices also help to stimulate the release of amino acids and endorphins, which also aid in mitigating pain. Their benefits include:

  • Improved circulation – Reducing the heavy and achy sensations often involved with people who are on their feet a lot, improved circulation brings relief, speeding up the healing of injuries to help those recovering from surgery, trauma, muscle soreness, and daily wear and tear. Leg compression machines also enhance circulation for people who are immobile or confined to bed.
  • Improved lymphatic flow – Compression Pumps encourage constant lymphatic flow, preventing toxins and metabolic wastes from accumulating, and eliminating them through the healthier flow of lymph out of the system.
  • Reduced swelling – Decreasing edema and the swelling it causes enhances the body’s ability to protect the muscles, veins, and connective tissues from further damage, and will help to increase mobility while it also reduces pain sensations.

Improved skin tone – Stimulating the metabolism of fat cells, leg compression machines aid in breaking down cellulite, the reinforcement of connective tissue, and circulating nutrients to the skin for better skin tone.

What are the benefits of a Compression Garments?

Compression Therapy benefit using a Compression Garments include:

  • Prevention of leg swelling for people who stand or sit for long periods of time, like during a long flight.
  • Management of varicose veins
  • Management of varicose veins and other leg symptoms during pregnancy
  • Prevention of venous thromboembolism in people who are immobile
  • Improved healing of leg ulcers
  • Prevention of leg ulcers coming back
  • Maintenance therapy for lymphedema
  • Improvement of chronic venous insufficiency and ulcer recurrence in older adults.

The amount of compression can vary considerably, depending on the type of material used, how firmly it’s applied, and your movement.

Does insurance cover my compression products?

We will check your insurance benefits for coverage for our products and at what level you are being covered. We maintain national contracts with many insurance companies, and can provide you with the highest level of benefits they offer.

Is a prescription required to order my compression products?

Insurance companies and our company both require a prescription; we can contact your referring physician directly to obtain one. In order for us to obtain the prescription, we will need to ask you some information from you.

Do I need a prescription to order my compression products?

Insurance companies and our company both require a prescription; we will contact your referring physician directly to obtain one. In order for us to obtain the prescription, we will need to ask you some questions regarding your clinical history.

Will Medicare cover compression products?

Compression Pumps are covered by Medicare and well as most insurances.

Compression Garments are not covered by Medicare with the exception of certain compression garments for open Venous Stasis Ulcer treatment.

It is possible for Medicare patients to obtain coverage for compression garments through a secondary insurance plan. The secondary insurer may pay for the products with proof of a Medicare denial.

Is there a payment plan available for out of pocket cost?

We are CareCredit provider. CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that helps you pay for your products for yourself or your family that may not be covered by insurance. With special financing options,* you can use your CareCredit credit card again and again.

It’s easy to apply and you’ll receive a credit decision immediately.

How often do I need to order new compression garment products?

Daytime compression garments support products every six months. Once these products have lost their elasticity, they are no longer useful in maintaining the swelling in the extremity(ies). Nighttime garments yearly.

How do I know how to take care of my products?

Each manufacturer provides detailed instructions on how to apply and remove your products, as well has how to wash and maintain them. We are also available to answer any questions you may have.

What is a lymphedema therapist and where do I find one?

Many hospitals have trained lymphedema therapists in their outpatient rehabilitation facilities. Physical Therapists (PT) and Occupational Therapists (OT) are trained in a lymphedema certification course to administer lymphatic massage and bandaging to reduce your swelling before you are measured for your products. These products will help maintain your decreased girth in the extremity(ies). Still Me can recommend  acertified lymphedema therapists in your area.