What if I need to consult with a Still Me Compression Specialist regarding insurance benefits for my patient?

All team members in our office are very knowledgeable when it comes to the particularities regarding insurance benefits and can assist you.

What if I need to consult with a Still representative regarding product options for my patient?

We pride ourselves in providing you with certified and detailed information. All representatives at our company are certified by the individual manufacturers to provide you with relevant, current, and detailed information regarding product options for your patient.

What if I have a very difficult case and need to consult with a Fitter from Still Me regarding product options for my patient?

When encountering a case that may require further clinical assistance, please feel free to call and one of our Compression Specialist will be glad to speak with you or e-mail info@stillmeinc.com on how to best complete the case. Our direct line is 225-273-1900, or send an email at info@stillmeinc.com. To help us be more efficient in understanding your patient’s needs, if possible, please send us any combination of the following items: pictures, measurements, a patient history, a physical/initial evaluation, and past modalities tried.

How do I receive confirmation of order receipt, and the order placement?

We correspond with therapists and patients through faxes and phone call in order to keep the therapist and patient up to date on the patient’s order.

What if my patient receives a product that does not fit correctly, requires higher/lower compression, or requires a change of fabric?

At Still Me Inc we are here to assist you in providing clinically efficacious products to best meet your patient’s needs. If the product does not fit properly or there is a problem with the fabric used, we will work closely with the manufacturer to remake the garment with revised measurements or replace the product with a different fabric or compression.

If the returned merchandise is determined to be defective, the manufacturers, at their discretion, may replace the merchandise. A Return Merchandise Authorization number (RA number) must be obtained prior to any returned requests.

Do you mail out reminder cards to patients so they know when it is time to reorder their daytime, elastic support? As you know, the elastic support is no longer providing adequate compression after it loses its elasticity?

Yes, we will send out reminders to patients as to when they are eligible to reorder their daytime, elastic support products according to their insurance policy guidelines.